Sunday, September 22, 2013

One Month Checking In

Welp, it hasn't been my best month.  I went back to work after a long vacation and the new routine has been challenging my new healthy lifestyle thing, to say the least.  

Then skirmish went down like this:
Large ladies represent my fitness/schedule struggle.  Now you understand?

Now, it hasn't been as bad as it has been in previous falls, but I certainly haven't lost any weight.  I also haven't been counting calories because I am not put together enough to be making deliberate meals.  Every lunch is a kitchen sink lunch: lettuce + anything edible in the fridge.

No cats were harmed in the making of my salads.

But some nights I can't decide which is worse, my hunger or fatigue.  I think that I may be turning that corner, however.  There's a bit of an adjustment going on here and I know that this part is temporary.

Anyway. As for working out, I didn't miss a single weight lifting routine the entire month! Yay!  Triumph!  Remember, I am using Chris Powell's plan because he's sexy and I want to be sexy.  Here is how I progressed:

Day 1
Goblet Squat: 16 kg
Hammer Curl/Press: 15 lbs
Dumbbell Deadlift: 40 lbs
Dumbbell Pullover: 8 lbs
Planks: 50 seconds/46 seconds (2 rounds)

Day 30
Goblet Squat: 24 kg
Hammer Curl/Press: 15 lbs
Dumbbell Deadlift: 60 lbs
Dumbbell Pullover: 15 lbs
Renegade Rows: 12 lbs

I didn't switch over to the renegade rows until about 2 weeks in.  But before that, I improved my plank time to 80 seconds/68 seconds/60 seconds (3 rounds). And I know it doesn't look like I improved with the curl and press but I did On the first day, I couldn't complete more than 8 reps a set.  By the end, I was able to do 12 on the first set and 10 or so for the next two.

I'm getting stronger.  I can feel it but I sure can't see it because I need to get the food in check. I hate counting calories but I just don't trust myself not to. So for month 2, here are my goals:

1. Continue the CP plan without missing any workouts.
2. Add 2 cardio days, one being interval training. Bf says that cardio will give me more energy.  It's worth a shot!
3 Count dem calories.

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