Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thought of the Day

"Working out at the gym to fit my underwear"
~ Weezer "Pork and Beans"

Yup.  That and my skinny jeans.  They just don't fit like they used to...

It's probably been a month since my last good outdoor run. 
Ran twice this weekend.  Okay, so it was only 30 minutes each day but I have to start somewhere, amiright? And at that, I'm sore!

Tomorrow begins month two of Chris Powell's 5 month program and I'm a little nervous because I took last Monday through Friday off because I was sick.  I know, through the wondrous power of logic, that I didn't lose all the muscle I gained in the last month, but it sort of feels like it.  Wish me luck, readers!

Here's to cardio.
Here's to lifting heavy.
Here's to counting calories.
Here's to keeping promises to myself.

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