Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 1: Trials and Triumphs

Third post of the day! Don't get comfortable here, readers.  Although I promise to put in the effort needed to maintain this blog, just like any relationship, over time, I expect that my enthusiasm will wane and soon you'll be asking me why I never buy you flowers anymore. 

Here is the day 1 recap:
  • Kicking negative thoughts (I can't do this; Why bother exercising today - one day doesn't matter) is going to take some time. I guess I didn't think this through, eh? Just because you declare something adorable like I'm going to believe in myself! doesn't make it magically materialize into reality, unless you have a 3D printer, in which case, any m-fing thing is possible. Anyway.  Where was I going with this? Ah, yes.  Whilst driving through town today, I was planning my exercise for the afternoon and I caught myself thinking that I'd skip today, because, well, one day doesn't matter much.  SKIP TODAY?! TODAY IS DAY ONE! Yeesh!  So after I chided myself for getting off to a slippery start, I told myself that every little bit of positive behavior is important.  I don't know how much I really, deep down, believe that yet, but I'm trying! Which leads me to...
  • Exercise: The bf told me today that what matters most in seeing change is consistency and intensity.  Sometimes, I think I'm going to choose my battles here and only accomplish one or the other.  Today is one of those times.  I have had a headache for two days straight despite sleeping well and so I was not pumped for any exercise whatsoever.  But I did it, readers.  I think it's important to move at least 30 minutes a day, in a concerted effort to sweat (not just rolling around on the floor with my cat). It wasn't my best run, but any run completed is better than no run at all. Am I right?
  • Victory! Made a delicious dinner.  Instead of just roasting tofu how I always do it (with Braggs) and roasting brussel sprouts like I always do it (with garlic, oil, salt, and pepper) I whipped out the cookbooks for some much need inspiration.  Just using different spice combos can make ordinary staples fresh and interesting again.  Feels good to be excited about healthy food! Recipe for the tofu here. Recipe for brussel sprouts came from this cookbook.

    buckwheat, lemony dill tofu, and ginger brussel sprouts
  • This gem of a healthy snack got me through the dinner planning process.  This could be a new routine.  When I get home from work, I'm usually too ravenous to be creative.  A little snackeroo while planning will tide me over for sure. I really enjoyed this snack, mostly because it allowed me a little break from the day. I think snacks have potential for being a blog focus/feature...

baby carrots, Cedars red pepper hummus, Califa double espresso almond milk - and yes, this is the same plate I used at dinner.  Don't judge me.
Oh, and one more thing: did I tell you that my healthy routine that I'm setting up, while it will be a lifestyle change (even though it's true, I'm definitely sick of hearing people say that - sounds pretentious, doesn't it?) I am ultimately looking to be in the best shape of my life one year from today.  I read somewhere that goals are important.  So there's my long term goal.  My first short term goal is to create some short term goals...

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