Saturday, August 17, 2013

Short Term Goals: Part 1 of Infinity

So on day two of this new health adventure/lifestyle (yesterday), I had a rendezvous with friends.  You know, the typical dinner and drinks thing.  My old self would throw caution to the wind, drink like a fish, and eat like it's my last meal.  This just would not do for my new, healthy take on life, now would it? (No, no it wouldn't!)

Old self always has room for more snacks.
One thing that I'm really, incredibly, good at is making excuses for my bad habits.  I feel no guilt going nuts and abandoning a diet for a "special occasion".  You may have noticed that I did not type special occasion, but rather "special occasion". Well, my perceptive little readers, that's because when it comes to food, I give that term a loose definition.  Special occasion = vacations, holidays, celebrations, dinner out, dinner in, hanging out with a friend I haven't seen in more than a day, going to the movies, walking by a Sweet Frog, breakfast, lunch, dinner...  You can probably tell that with so many occasions in my life deemed special, it's no wonder that weight loss has been difficult to achieve and maintain.

So here's what went down:

Fail! Even including the calories I burned running 5 miles that morning, I still went over my daily calorie goal by about 50 calories.

Victory! I got a bowl of vegetarian chili, and upon realizing that by "bowl", they meant "trough", I only ate half of it.  And with that, I only ate half of the tortilla chips.  I also ordered a small side salad to get my greens on and fill up.  This is what I chose instead of french fries and a burger. Niiiiiiice!

Victory! I really wanted some beer because we went to this place that has interesting beers.  Instead, I had 2 tequila and sodas, 1 ale, and a glass of cabernet.  Okay, so I had about two too many drinks but I am still navigating the social pressure thing and I will do better on the next test (tonight).  But I did choose half of my drinks responsibly and I think that's a (small) victory.

Now I know that I did some little things right and some little things wrong, but it's a step in the right direction. I'm happy with my decisions even if there is still a lot of room for improvement.  

This recap brings me to my first short term goal:
Short Term Goal #1/Infinity - Healthy eating at the wedding tonight.  
More specifically, this means:
  • No bread
  • No crackers
  • Lots of raw veggies and fruit
  • Lots of water 
  • 2 drink maximum, clear liquor and soda only
  • Enjoy family and friends - talk more, eat less.
I'm feeling up for the challenge.  Check back tomorrow to see if I make myself proud!

What small victories have you had in your pursuit of fitness and health? What excuses do you make to justify poor health related decisions?

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