Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday Favorites: Fitness Blogs

Welcome to the Sunday edition of Friday Favorites! 

Okay, so I have a confession to make: I went back to work this week, which explains the drop off in posts.  But I'll have you know that even though I haven's been posting with the fervor that characterized my vacation time, my brain is working on all sorts of interesting things for you, readers! 

Anyway.  This week, I want to talk about fitness blogs.  That's how this whole adventure got started in the first place.  First, I was just trolling the before and after tumblrs like this one.  The bf says that this makes me obsessed about losing weight and that I shouldn't compare myself to others, and he is right.  But he's also wrong.  These before and afters are a source of motivation because when I see someone who struggled like I have attain even a modicum of success, I do a (sometimes) silent cheer for them in my living room and give them a mental/virtual high-five.  All this positivity reminds me that people who have a harder struggle than mine have been successful and I think, "So why shouldn't I be successful?"

But that was just the beginning.  My blog inspiration really came from this man, Hank Hanna, who has a blog called The Business of Losing Weight.  

Hank. Lol. See why I love this guy?
Hank hasn't posted in a while, but here are 5 reasons why you should get into this blog (start from the beginning and you will have plenty of reading material) yesterday:
  1. Hank is just your average person, like me, except he's a man.  And some of you readers might be men and might be able to connect with that. Or you are a woman, like me, and don't care too much about the gender specifics of your blogger.
  2. Hank had a lot of weight to lose, which is different from me.  Some of you readers might connect with that too.  
  3. But even though I never had to lose as much weight as Hank, his stories are so incredibly relatable to anyone trying to lose any amount of weight.
  4. Hank is funny.  He adds pictures and videos to break up the text that always make me laugh. He also has a segment called "stuff fat people do" that are funny and relatable at the same time.
  5. Hank is also a triathlete, which is incredible.  You can read about how he got to that place and it will inspire you to do something you never thought possible.
  6. He always has a sweet sign-off at the end of each post that is like a little mantra for fitness and health.
  7. He's smart.  You ever read a post from someone who is obviously inexperienced, immature, or maybe even blatantly dumb? Yea, that will never happen on Hank's blog.
  8. He has a cool southern accent.  

Did I say 5 reasons? I guess there were a few more, eh? :) 

Start with this post.  This is where I began and I was hooked after just this one post.  Now there have been many bloggers who have written on this topic, but Hank's is original and funny.  After reading that, I went all the way to the beginning of Hank's story and read all the way to now.  I hope there is a future post soon!

So, readers, what do you think of fitness blogs?  What are your favorites?


  1. Ha! Case in point! Thanks for stopping by, Hank :)